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Ooh a fox (we think)! Foxes or cool! We like.

No I no we don’t just like… WE ADORE!

more like worship

Hold on people. Can we see her personality first. One strip isn’t enough to determin if you like someone.

I wonder if Proto would get mad if I swiped that Chocobo plushie! XD

it’s a plasma torch, not a arc welder.

She is not cutting anything. >.>

oh no. Looks like somebody thinks they’ll be traveling thru space with their teleporter, but they will be traveling thru time.

I wonder if Proto will go along.
Of course it will.

3 main characters… all female. anybody else think this is a tab lop-sided?

Yay a fox! I am so happy!

Nobody seems to have noticed the little black fuzzies with eyes next to the torch that look like the coal dust creature’s from “Spirited away.

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