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Yeesh what a way to carry a conversation with a lady present (tho it appears that she don’t care for the antics of her male partners)
Just the mission at hand I guess

Being in the military, I am sure she is used to it. Besides, he was only talking about needing to relieve himself. I don’t think we have any female characters that prissy that males around them have to act a certain way to be considered worthy of their presence.

I’ll bet the tower is where the pool of water is, but it’s invisible, that pool of water doesn’t have any creek or river to feed it, sooooo, I’m thinking the tower’s there. Maybe if you throw something it might reveal itself.

(in a thick southern accent……particularly Alabama) now I say, I say that is certainly what I reckoned to be the instance of this here particular situation, and I do believe, my good man, that I had previously pointed out that little tidbit, so to speak, about exactly five hours ago on this very evening.


Kibbles’ mentor lives in a tower, Kibbles’ mentor doesn’t like visitors, Kibbles’ mentor is a mage of some power.

seems somebody wants to find Kibbles

wait a sec, is the bunny even carrying a weapon???

Personally, I thought Francis’ joke was rather comical, given the fact that he has been holding it for two hours and was “granted” the right to piss… who’s uncivilized now?

I got a bad feeling about this when Francis mention about “mark” the territory…

Hyena Butter right?… uuugh Dx

So, what kind of animal is Francis? I hope they all make it out OK, but Francis better watch out when he goes off to take care of business.

I am thinking Hyena maybe?

I just thought Mr. “Resting Bitch Face” was unimpressed with everything, but he just really had to piss! That explains it – I get pretty annoyed with everything around me if I really have to go, too. 😛

eh i think he’s either apathetic or disillusioned with military service. who knows maybe he expected heroic battles or something.

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