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How do you get a bruse on your fur?

You don’t get a bruise on the fur.
But your skin does.
and I don’t know much about dog fur, but I’m pretty sure that if you had white fur and a darkened bruise, it’s going to be exposed.

You may also ask how the characters could blush then too. It’s comic logic, shhh it doesn’t have to make perfect realistic sense 😉

I’m liking the cute new hairstyles, and I was also wondering, when you change their hair and clothing does it have a symbolic meaning behind it? some authors use a change in hair and clothing style to symbolize a character’s growth and maturity

We shall be doing that in the future- but right now it was just for a change of pace.

Not because wearing the same set of clothes for a week would get boring (and possibly dirty)?

Such surprisingly bad odds seem to be working profoundly in their favor. XD

may the odds ever be in your favor

But pray you never end up in a life-and-death survival game fighting 23 other people.

I have quoted the hunger games, you can kill me now

Okay it took me a few seconds, but I finally realized that both Claire and Kibs are wearing their hairs differently. I’m kinda not used to seeing things like that change in a comic since all the characters, their gear and stuff like that are always the same like if they were molded from plastic or something. But it’s pretty refreshing to finally see it… plus they both look even cuter this way. 😀

BTW the 5th panel can be a BIT misinterpreted in a nasty way before you read the context of it… or was that just me? O_O

Twenty bucks says his uncle beat him and cast him out as punishment for giving a free-be to a customer, any takers?

“I am Groot”

“so what if it’s better than 1 in 458, 980? what the hell’s that got to do with anything?”

Bad odds… Why I hsve the slight impression that Mason or his “uncle” has something to do with that cat ?

And so Mason is about to be shanghaied into Adventure 😛

all he needs is a catchphrase

“Oh, I’m sorry.”
-Mason’s new catchphrase.

try again, that one doesn’t sound right

hmm, kibbles’ hair seems…different…also, oh cool Mason’s back.

she’s got a braid instead of her poofy ponytail

Looks Native ‘Murican if you ask me…
I like it c:

please don’t make racial comments

Claire so cute in fifth panel(?), wonder how fast those six legged creatures can run.

fast enough to catch you

That may be true, but it looks to me like these beasts are more of the ‘PULLING POWER’ type than the “TOP SPEED’ type…

Draft, not thoroughbred.

you’ve obviously never tried too run from a buffalo

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